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Message from The Director

Honourable parents and dear students! First of all, your heartfelt congratulations on the opening of the new season.


There is a serious challenge to creating a career by setting a right goal in front of today's competitive youth. Many times time and money are wasted due to lack of proper guidance and decisions due to the movement of students on a non-directional path, and without achieving the goal, they either feel frustrated or have a wrong path. Today's youth is wandering in this dazzling light of modernity so that it does not give proper direction to his career and remains in a state of indecision. A small decision can also give the student the right to take away from the floor.

If you need a job immediately after 10+2 or if your parents can’t afford your higher studies or if you are not interested in engineering / medical then Keshwanand Defence is absolutely  right place for you. You have wish decision to join “Keshwanand Defence Academy” for a bright future in defence.  We promise a job to every student who joins our academy for his career. Our Aim is, every student should get success in his life. Success comes when you know what you want or desire. The starting point then is to know what you want in life. Let your ambition come true. Never mind and never fear. What appeared impossible today will become a reality tomorrow, with your determination, dedication and application. 

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